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1.) What metal is inherently brittle with natural occurring defects?

  1. Tool Steel
  2. Alloy Steel
  3. Cast Iron
  4. Stainless Steel

2.) What is the most common carbon steel found in boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, and piping?

  1. Low Carbon Steel
  2. Medium Carbon Steel
  3. High Carbon Steel
  4. None of the above

3.) Do all stainless steels have the same corrosion resistance?

  1. No
  2. Yes

4.) Why will a weld fail?

  1. Poor or improper shape of weld
  2. Impurities in weld
  3. Chemical similarities are not the same
  4. Physical properties are different
  5. All the above

5.) What is the general cause of corrosion of low carbon steel?

  1. Using two-dissimilar metals together
  2. Being in the presence of moisture or water
  3. Stray electric currents (very small)
  4. All the above

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